Client Money



Set out below are our firm’s procedures for the handling of client money, in accordance with the RICS Professional Statement Client Money Handling, 1st Edition, October 2019, effective 1 January 2020.

How client money is held

All client money will be held in either a general client account or discrete (individual) client bank account.  All client bank accounts will in the name of Nettleship Sawyer Ltd and the directors have exclusive control over these client monies.

Our general accounts are held at Barclays Bank Plc, Bournemouth Branch (20 11 39) and Lloyds Bank (30 91 08); these accounts include our company name and the word “client”.

Discrete accounts are held at Barclays and also include the word “client”, our company name and an identifier (either the name of the property or the client).

In respect of rent deposits; we will also include the name of the tenant in the account if this required under the Rent Deposit Deed.

Clients will be advised of the whereabouts of their monies within the management agreement or following set up of the discrete account, and will be updated of any changes.

Access to funds

Access to funds is restricted to principals of the firm or senior employees.

Timescales and procedures for payment of monies into the client account

Cheques received are paid into the client account, normally on the day of receipt, and always within 3 working days of receipt. We only accept cash for very small amounts; where tenants wish to pay in cash, they are encouraged to visit their bank.

Controls for authorization of payments

Expenditure authority will be discussed with you and set out in the management agreement, and it may be varied by agreement from time to time.

Supplier invoices are processed by our property management administrator.

Invoices are then checked by our property managers.

Payments are set up on the banking system by our property management administrator and will always be authorized by one of the directors.

Interest and bank charges

Nettleship Sawyer Ltd general client account(s): interest is retained by our firm.

Discrete accounts: any interest earned will credited to that account.

Rent deposits: interest earned is credited per the Rent Deposit Deed.

Bank charges – these are charged to our firm.


Reconciliation of client funds takes place on a monthly basis and is undertaken by the firm’s bookkeeper. 

Information to clients

We provide statements on a monthly or quarterly payment basis, per arrangements made with the client and set out in the management agreement.

RICS Client Money Protection Scheme for Surveying Services

Nettleship Sawyer Ltd is a member of this scheme, which applies to client money held in our client accounts. Further details are available on request.

Fees for our services which are received in advance are not covered by the scheme.


The firm operates a complaints procedure; further details are available on request from director Agnes Sawyer (Tel: +44 (0) 1202 556491 or email: [email protected]

RICS regulation

The firm is regulated by the RICS and consequently the RICS may, as part of its regulatory function, check the report for compliance with the current version of the RICS Red Book. Any work undertaken may be subject to monitoring under RICS conduct and disciplinary regulations.